3D Mapping Agency was founded in Athens in 2014. Our team has been engaged in show production since 2001, contributing hundreds of successful events to our company’s resume.

Having over 10 years of experience in the art of “Out-of-Home Media” (OOH Media), we specialize in 3D projection mapping, interactive projects, captivating large-scale projections, event planning. 

Our team consists of well-known creative technologists and producers whose primary purpose is to bring your idea to life. Our vast experience, expertise, intrepidity, and highly educated workforce, contributed to a steep increase in our activity.

Through creative thinking and the operation of modern technologies, we provide flexible and customized solutions to our clients, who rank our company as one of the most trustworthy and renowned in its field. 

We collaborate with the most iconic brands and performers in Greece, award-winning production companies, creative advertising agencies, event organizers, and public relations companies.

As we aim to provide the best possible product and service to everyone we collaborate with, our dedication and energy to each customer will always be the same.

3D Mapping Creative

Competent and professional graphic designers make up our creative team and make reality even the most sophisticated idea. Services include the construction of 3d & 4d Animation of cinematic quality.

3D Mapping Installation

Custom site analysis before installing the VIDEO MAPPING system on any available surface.

3D Mapping Equipment

We have:

Laser Projectors from 3,500 to 30,000 ANSI Lumens
Specialized body and motion sensors
Transparent rear projection films
Sound and film studio & Green Screen
Rear projection screens, audiovisual effects, video walls
Professional indoor, outdoor, and stage lighting 


3D Mapping Constructions

We assembly and implement the study of special projection constructions, sets, and objects for theatrical performances, advertising campaigns, and all kinds of events.

Interactice Technology

When the 3D projection is combined with artistic events, the results are breathtaking!

A performance team of specialized collaborators, such as dancers, actors, acrobats, jugglers, athletes, join their creativity and skills in 3D projection presenting the audience with a whole new world of interaction. This unique way creates a new kind of entertainment that combines a visual image with performing, and it turns your live show into a fascinating journey.

3D mapping technology transforms any item into a three-dimensional display and any event into an unforgettable experience! Forget flat view, as 3d mapping can take a real object, such as a building, and project onto the walls of motion graphics, videos, and 3D images without any distortion. The resulting scenery is impressive, imposing, and incredibly plausible. The thematic choices are endless, as is our imagination! 3D mapping is the ultimate tool for advertising campaigns and ideal for promoting the advertised company’s trademark or brand.




On the occasion of the upcoming celebration of the year that marks the 200th anniversary of the Greek nation, we have created content based on the Greek Revolution. We have designed a palette of three-dimensional characters of modern Greek history. We have also delved deeply into the architectural designs created or already existed over the last 200 years in Greece. 


In interactive installations, we can detect the natural world through technology and create sounds and images that react to the user. Thus, the viewer from a passive receiver becomes an active participant in the content presented to him. 

We use a range of electronic sensors as well as 3D-facing cameras to capture the attention of one or more viewers. They are often combined with projectors or other projective systems and create a point of interest and discussion in the space, involving the viewer for a long time. 

Interactive technology and video mapping seminars to be announced on August 20, 2021.


    Adress: Sparths 22 Halandri

    Tel: +30 210 685 6027
    Mobile: +30 697 012 5134

    Email: info@3dmapping.gr